Thank you for loyal readers for this wonderful past years. This blog is always precious to me, it reminded me of my youthful spirit I had when i still obsessed with fashion. Now, i'm no longer taking interest in fashion and i have no reason to keep this blog alive.

Right now, my daily life is far from fashionable. I spend my day at home, wearing t-shirt and sport pants, cooking, feeding my little girl and son, and play with them. If I hang out somewhere, maxi dress or simple palazzo pants is enough for me. I no longer wanted to look dazzling, my outfit is always inside the comfort zone; simple and modest. and so that's why i haven't post anything because there's nothing special to post about.

I will keep this blog and make it as an archive. I will probably come here once in a while, but it wont be about fashion anymore.

People changed. So do I. If you notice based of this blog categories, i have a lot of interest. Fashion, beauty, photography, and handcrafting. I actually want to keep all of them in one place, but I can't do all of them since my interest is usually come and go, and  since I want to focus in one thing, changing niche of this blog is way too frontal for me. This blog has a lot of history and i don't want to erase them all just because i'm interested in something else.

Recently, i've been obsessed with crocheting and made amigurumi, i even sell it online. The response is pretty good but the big thing isn't about making profit, but the feeling behind those process.

I have finally found something that I enjoy and love so much and i believe i could do this thing for the rest of my life. So that's why, to push my creativity to the max, i created a blog  ,it's about my journey in making amigurumi and other things related to handcrafting. Also, recently I started to design my own doll and share my own pattern there for free. So if you, interested in those field, come visit there. I would be really really happy to see you there.

Thank you and good bye.

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