Meeting up with some old friends who knew your old self so well made you realize how big alteration you've made so far. Every time I bump into some old friend in the street or mall, they always gave me a same expression,

"Wow! You changed a lot!"

Of course I am. I'm not that 15 years old girl who love to put backstreet boys poster on her bedroom wall anymore, I'm older now. But that apparently wasn't the reason. They said those words while shockingly gazed at how I looks. It was my appearance that made them unbelievably surprised.

Time surely flies. Everyday I feel that Yesterday was just a dream.

A decade ago, I still shamelessly wore short pants to the mall and mostly spent my evening hanging at a coffee shop with friends. Now I spent my day at home and never leave my hair uncovered whenever I get out from house. It become habit (admittedly a good one) that always left me with a guilty kind of feeling whenever I break the rule I've build this far.

Anyway, a while ago I met with my highschool friends. It was fun and we had so much laugh. But you know, since girls are naturally more talkative than guys, so talking about others are inevitably unavoidable.

"Hey. Do you remember N? You were on a same class with her," Inne asked me,

"Of course. She was the smartest student in our class. What's wrong with her?"

"I met her yesterday, but I couldn't even say hi to her because she wore niqab,"

"What do you mean? Just asked her like you would normally do,"

"No, its different." She said, " first. She wore niqab and I couldn't recognise her until someone else pointed me out that she was my friend. Secondly. I feel a lil bit awkward. I can't talk while I couldn't see her face so that's why I just smiled to her and imagined myself that she was also smiling to me." Everyone nodded, agreed with every words that came out from inne's mouth.

I can feel what inne's feeling inside but I also feel bad for N. I could imagine the struggle she's been at. Maybe she wanted to look normal but society still look at her weirdly. maybe she wanted to talk much with her old friends whose she accidentally met but everyone behave awkwardly to her.

Although I personally don't think Niqaab is compulsory, but if a lady wishes to go the extra mile according to her personal imaan level . . . then subhanallah, good for them.

I believe, wearing niqab isn't an easy task so that's why I always feel envy to those who wore niqab since they have a braver soul than me. They didn't care to be mocked by human, they didn't care about how some people will judge them badly, all they care is how to please Allah, and that level of spirituality is so hard to reach, Their level of imaan is beyond us so that's why we must appreciate them more.

I wish people just stop judging someone by their appearance but I know it just a dream, people are naturally like that. The thing that mostly sad to me is that other Muslims do not support them. Even in kind words of encouragement. But people are funny. we make divisions where there needs to be none.

It takes a lot of strength to wear it here in Indonesia, niqab isn't a common thing. So I encourage you, people, especially Muslims, to behave normally to them. Stop stared weirdly at them like they are someone from another planet. Don't discriminate them from your society. Don't act like you are the righteous person in this world by rudely saying that they are part of ISIS or they should stay in Arab. Learn to look inside not just outside. And lastly, keep humble and be nice because a kindness is a part of sadaqaa.

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  1. Women looks perfect and beautiful in wearing Islamic Clothing.


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