Started to wear Hijab is probably my most unregrettable step I took in life. But you know, the process wasn't easy. there's always a down moment where you wanted to take off your tudung/scarf/hijab for personal worldly reason, like;

my hair is beautiful so why not showing it to the world?

I have a good glowing skin and leg why I couldn't just wear short pants and make everyone drooling to see my beautiful long leg? 

Ah someone offering me a good job but it need me to take off my hijab, should I?

And so on....

Those words always came to mind but alhamdulillah Allah has always kept me from taking off my Hijab, and I pray that instead I took off, I need to improve the way I look since I realized I have so many things that didn't meet the Syari way, like; tight pants, high bun like a camel, hair still showing, and so many things.

This post is probably a bit uncomfortable for those who finally decide to take off their Hijab and I'm here not to judge. I write this post after in shock when Rina Nose put off her Hijab and told people about moral reason behind her decision.

Although Hijab isn't an option, but it still your life decision. But honey, If you already put your Hijab off and people started to ask why, don't make a reason and blamed Islam. This rule is written in the Quran, so if you blame the rule, you blamed Quran, and subhanallah, you also blamed Allah. Don't add more sin to a sin you already make. I know it's embarrassing to tell people a worldly reason behind your decision, but blamed the rule and moral is absolutely wrong. Its so sensitive and caused Muslims mad. Even worse, it caused Allah mad. I pray Allah give us His Hidayah and guide us to walk in a right path.

When Marshanda took her Hijab off, she gave an ambiguous​ reason that didn't touch about Islam, but still, people are judgemental, she got hatred comments but it naturally goes away after sometimes. And so with other celebrities. I'm not a public figure so I don't know how it feel, but I know you must be so overwhelmed by hundred or even thousand question, some are nice and acceptable, but some are so judgemental and even cursed your decision and its definitely hurtful but to gave such opinion is wrong and unacceptable.

Dear sisters out there, I'm not a sinless person. I'm one of a billion human being that are so sinful, always make a countless sin each day but Allah give us heart to feel and brain to think what is right and what is wrong and we live to choose so many options which Allah give to us. Let's learn more, seek knowledge from everywhere, listen speech, and pray that Allah protect us from syaitan that never sleep to keep us far away from Him.

Last thing to say: if you decide to take off your hijab, it's better to stay in silence and keep those reason for yourself because people are always judge by what they see than how you feel.

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  1. So TRUE!!! *ngangguk2 terus daritadiii*
    Keep posting your good thoughts sisterr...

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