2017 is almost over! Although I never celebrated the new year, but how about retrospective of my life this year which probably will make you yawn and interest no one, but since I always felt good whenever I look back, so why not?


Two week after I found out that I was pregnant, I was suffered from a really bad morning sickness, and always stay inside my room and almost never moved my leg out from the house because I had this terrible nose which make everyone and everything smells like poop. But the fact that I went out a couple times while still fakingly look fresh but skinny (I lose weight a lot) on picture is because it was done by makeup and beauty filter. Yikes!


I was back to the original ME! morning sickness was gone, and I started to go out from house, shopping, and had a lovely date with my two precious men.

On Eid, I bought a bright pink fanta dress which shockingly still fit on my pregnant body since I gained about 6kg after morning sickness was gone. That was faaasst you know, I gained 1kg in a week, 22kg in total.

I also had a little reunion with my high school friends, it was fun and funny. We were like "whaaaat?" Why the girls become much prettier than a decade ago? And why the boys are much fatter and so fatherish than the last time we met?


My super precious baby H was born.


Song joong ki and song hye gyo is officially married (not fictional), and it was like the best thing I've ever feel in my longest journey of becoming kdrama's lunatic! I felt my heart was going to pop with happiness and excitement when I saw their beautiful marriage pictures.


After a long MIA, I finally updated my almost-dead blog, and I must congratulate myself for not hitting the delete button. "Yay! Congratz IYA!"

Taking care my newborn baby and post regularly on the blog.


Me, My blog & Social Media

I recently tried to comprehending what exactly I want from this blog and what post I should write since I always had those moments where fashion become so tedious, I felt lazy to even discuss about it. In fact, I had years in amnesia that I forgot the reason why this blog was created in the first place.

It's for fun!

This blog is my online diary where I can talk about everything! so from now on, expect this blog will be more like diary than only fashion. I'll probably talked about movies, life at home, kids, friends, funny things, more thoughts about what I've taken interest in, and whatnot.


My biggest blunder I made from internet and social media is that I was sooo focused on a thing that is not me! I'm not being myself. I was sucked into instagram fashionista and wanted to be like them. Its a mistake! I'm one of unique person, i am... ME. I don't like to pose like them (it's awkward), I don't like to wear clothes like them (it's uncomfortable), and I wasted my time to have a nice filtered pictures on IG but never satisfied with how it looks.

The problem is, few people that most of us wouldn't even engage in everyday life are drilling holes in the life boat, empowered by social media and driven by self-loathing, and it's getting worst. (I could imagine in the next decade, women will probably look like a living mannequin whose attitude and appearance look same). The only thing that can solve the problems is yourself.

It may sound simple, "just be confident with yourself!" but to get the confidence back is not simple as it sound. You must break from anything that make your brain from boiling so hard, and too much inspired isn't a good thing. It's leading you to duplicating your role model and it make you confuse about your true identity, you are not happy of who you are, and depressed.

To avoid the self-loathing issue, I took break a few times, then stopped posting and browsing too many things on instagram just to found myself back to the original ME!

Me & life
This year for me has been all about pregnancy, giving birth, and taking care a newborn. I almost didn't have time for myself, so that's why it bring me to the next point;

I have a few wish that I want to do next year, such as;
1. Start a business. ( I don't know how to start though),
2. Exercise regularly, maybe joining aerobic class or maybe just a lonely short morning jog?
3. Have a healthy sleep schedule. Maybe sleep at 9pm and wake up at 3am so I can have much time to pray and cleaning up the house and preparing breakfast,
4. Suprise my mom and dad. maybe a little present at least once or twice a year so I can make them smile.
5. Go on vacation! A beach?
6. Buy a bike, a white Scoopie ?
7. Donate my old clothes And....
8. Meet friends more often,

what a long post to end the year! I'm not celebrating the new year. Will probably spent my night eating snacks at home and watching tv's but I wish you and me (of course) have a great year ahead, and may Allah protect us and blessing us with His kindness.

Until next year!

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