Hello brothers and sisters! Welcome to hijabholicanism. My name Is Yulia Rahayu but people call me IYA so you can call me with that name. I'm a wife of a great husband, and a mother of two lovely kiddos. I was born in 1984, married in 2011, gave birth to my first child in 2012, and had a new baby in 2017. That would summarize the most important things of my life.

While I spent my everyday life at home, caring my two kiddos, I also consistently write on this blog which created in the beginning of 2011 for a just-for-fun reason.

On this blog you will see a lot of fashion post where I basically post my outfit and talked about it, I also shared my thoughts about anything I'm interested, also post DIY tutorial and beauty review, and also post some of my personal life which mostly talked about my family life.

I hope this blog will bring you enjoyment as much i enjoyed posting it. For questions, partnership, or endorsement, please contact me at hijabholicanism@gmail.com 

Happy reading!