We were finally back to this place again (read here) but rain literally ruined my fun imagination about how fun it would be to watch Noah and his dad playing in the farm house, running inside the labyrinth, and playing with some animals. But reality didn't always match my expectation. I thought rain would fell a lil bit nicer but Allah have His own plan, and He is the best planner. He made rain became much harder and harder, we couldn't stay there any longer.

The rain finally stopped when we arrived at Nyato, a place for food beside Asia Plaza. I ordered soto ayam which tasted pretty bland, and durian milkshake which also tasted so weird. My brother in law also told us that his food was bad, and my sister pushed her Tteokbokki plate and shuddered in disgust. But the place was quite cozy and well decorated. The lights were so bright and warm, the chairs were nicely colored in pastels, and the food quotes which neatly written in a black frames on the walls made the place more picturesque.

We brought three hyperactive kiddos, and we were like, "don't go there, honey! Stop running! Stay here!" ~All the time~ because, you know, kids never stayed at a same place for so long, they kept moving, running, and touched everything that aren't supposed to be touched.

On the way home, our tummy growled back in hunger. My sister brought us to a little café called kedai lanbau. It was a nice place and somehow, so romantic. The food also tasted 50% better than Nyato.

That day was a weird day. I know I shouldn't complained about the weather, and I know that I shouldn't say that day was an unlucky day because I don't even believe in 'luck', but somehow, I couldn't avoid the disappointment from expecting so much.

Most of the times I expect too much from everything that seamless according to the plan, and often I got really disappointed because of the imperfect reality, many unexpected things occurred far more different from my expectation. I learn that human is human. We are imperfect being. We have plans but often we forget that everything is in Allah's hand.

Lesson taken.

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