I know you want an eye-catching makeup organizer to be displayed on your makeup desk. And I know you want those acrylic organizer to make your dressing room become much prettier. And I know, some of you (including me) is holding yourself from buying it because of the price. As far I know, its expensive. The smallest one cost 100k (in rupiah) and it only for 9 lipstick. I wish I could make it but since I don't have any tools to make it, so why not using the available one. Probably from your kid toys? Bueheehee

This lipstick organizer made from LEGO. Its cheap and easy. You only need hands to make it. It may not the prettiest organizer which you would love to stare at, but it usable and will make your makeup desk become much organised. Ain't it geeeeenius? (ಥ_ಥ)

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