Fashion trends never stay at a same place for so long, it always moves in circle, rotating like how earth rotates on its axis. They keep walking in queue, waiting for the time to be on top again because they know their golden era will come again, just like flower that shriveled and blooms by itself.

What I love from the current trends is that it's all about comfort and minimalist. Its no longer dominated by a bunch of inconvenience weird stuffs such as leather pants, 15cm victoria Beckham heels, and other girly and feminine things. I mean, of course feminine isn't a trend, its character.... A delicate and lovable character that needs pretty things to accentuate its identity. I'm not saying that I don't like to look feminine anymore. I still love high heeled shoes, flowery dress, and pinky things, but being a mother forced me to choose anything for comfort, so that's why nowadays I found myself wearing more sneaker than heels.

Backpack may sound too youngish and adolescence for me (considering my age) but I love how handy, beneficial, and somewhat, look more simple, casual, and trendy it is. When I blurted "I want backpack," to my husband, he smirked and said "are you kidding me?" Because he know that I was so into shoulder bags and never go with tomboyish kind of look. But I already made up my mind, I finally bought the item... The cheapest one, since I know that I bought the bag mostly for comfort.

The bag is from local brand, it has brown leather label in it, t'faustine... A French name? (I found that faustine means Faustina in Indonesia. Its someone's name.)

Anyway. Let's talk about the comfort side.

Imagine this situation: you are walking across the mall with baby carrier on your left shoulder and huge bag which always filled with diapers, camera, tripod, wallet, baby clothes, makeup pouch, and mukena, on your right shoulder. It's heavy and I dislike by the fact that I looked so busy with so many things going on my body. Sometimes I brought stroller with me but baby H always looked at me like she was pitifully begging at me to lift her from the stroller so I thought that she much preferred to be carried by me than to sat there. Gehehehe...

Backpack is more lighter and much easier to carry around. You may look at the picture and be like "you look like an astronauts!" But I decide to ignore the contra opinions because I love the way it feels on me.


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