We're a generation of extreme planners. Calendar, to-do lists, organise, and optimising every minute of our life. But I've found that the most creative and fun solutions come from unplanned, from the randomness.

Anyway, that day was a weird day ~in a good way~ and it came, as usually, unplanned, well some of it.

On Sunday, we (me and the emaks gangs) had a chaotic lunch at Ceker Bodong which serve the best spicy noodle in our village. I use term 'chaotic' because we ate fast, talk fast, 'weirdly and annoyingly' laugh fast, and we didn't go through a deep serious and even interesting conversation we used to have because our kids disturbed us by;

1. a scream (Noah peevishly told me that he wanted more grilled sausage and cold sweet tea, and he told me that with obnoxious kind of way (pissingly screamed at me) when I was talking to my friends),

2. Un-expected behaviour (widya's toddler ate wooden fence and we were like "whaaaaat?" )

3. Fussy baby. (Baby H was actually nice but she made a little cry when I lied her down on the soft little bed on the floor,)

4. Camera (Noah played my camera and innocently touched the lens! Grrrrr, so my attention were on him all the time! I was afraid that he would break my camera)

In conclusion, I don't know what we were talking about, what we were actually doing, I didn't even enjoyed the food because I had to eat reaaaaly fast, and after one hour of ~asked Noah to sit, asked Noah to eat, asked Noah to talk politely, asked Noah to stop touching the camera,..~, I rushly asked to leave because I had to cleaned up baby H poop.

When I just landed my foot at home, husband told me that his friend was in the toilet, cleaned two freshly cutted chicken that he just bought. "We gonna have a little barbeque tonight," he said, grinning like it wasn't how he expected before since we had a plan to sleep early after a long hectic day.

In the evening, some of his friend came, one by one, everyone came followed each others, and that 'little' barbeque turned out to be a bigger one.

The funny things which happened that night; I run out of gas so the meat was undercooked, and the rice is also too wet since everyone was already hungry so we rushly took the cable off soon after the we heard the sound 'click' when the rice cooker light changed to warm, and then we brought the rice cooker to the rooftop and put the rice on a super huge banana leaf, the stars were shined brightly that night, we also wacthed a few beautiful fireworks on the sky (it was new year eve), then Susi's daughter screamed from the 2nd floor that baby H woke up so I rushly running down the stairs and fed baby H.

That night was beautifully weird but we had a good fun and laugh.

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