The most amazing thing about life for me is that you have no idea what happens next. You have all planned schedule written on your planner but the fact is that life isn't always walk in a same way as you would want it to be.

Life is full of surprise! I thought last year I made a new year resolution as a joke because usually none of the things I was planned became true. I wrote 'start a business' as one of my points to do this year but I couldn't imagine from where to start since I have zero finance and knowledge. But then, someone texted me and asked me to take her fashion items pictures and I took that as a chance. I sold them using a new instagram account that is still look visually messy, ~I also have less than 50 followers, and only one like or two on my few pictures, ~ but that's fine since noone can reach the mountain in a single step, but at least I'm here... I finally took one step further, and let Allah decide what to follow next. It could be a failure or success, so I won't put my hopes up although I expect much from it.

Anyway, I always wanted to make a good IG theme so it would look aesthetically appealing for the visitor (probably minimalist? Or colorful? Or yellowish vintage pictures?) but it needs a lot of effort and time and I don't want to mess up my family time with this. just to think about what kind of theme I wanted to make is enough to make my brain from exploded. Yes. I made a new instagram account for selling those clothes. It called (with dot).

NIBH. Stand for Noah, Iya, Banda, and Hana. Its my family member. ...heehee. I sells knitted sweaters, jacket, and top that is affordable and give you comfort.

I love all things knitted; macramé, knitted Bunny hat, wallet,~ because it always give me a classic vintage feeling that is timeless and can be use for all age in all generation of life.

If you interested, you can visit and maybe purchased one for you (heehee), and let me know how you think.


  1. Aku pengen dong! pengen tahu caranya motret product fashion yang cerah nan bikin kabita pengen beli,hehehe


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