Have you ever come to a place that were so clicked on you and gave you a lovely energy feeling that felt so romantic and melancholic, it make your soul calmer, fresher, and happier like it was a reminiscence of the old days when life problem only took a tiny part on your brain? Karang resik filled my heart with those things, and I think it must have to do with green trees, fresh air, colorful flowers, beautiful evening lights, and the calming sound of water in the river.

Anyway, That day began with a mess. I recently try to comprehend why every time we were going to somewhere, the situation at home are always in chaotic and terrifyingly hectic. we screamed to each others, and while baby H was fussy and cry, Noah was running inside and outside the house. and when I finally got baby H to sleep, I locked myself inside the bathroom but to found the impatient boy knocked on the door and screamingly​ said, "HURRY UP MOM!"

Well, Its not that I prepared myself that long. I mean, we planned to go at 1pm so it was quite reasonable to start prepared myself at 11am. I usually went bath, then get dressed and put makeup (it usually took me about one hour), then I dressed baby H, and then fed her while hubby prepared the car. but every time we were going to somewhere, noah is always become our little villain that always gets on our nerve.

Anyway, Our drive to karangresik was fine. The traffic was unusually slower than normal, so it was a real quick drive. We went to the town to buy new stocks for our little store, then we picked up my husband's sister and asked her to came with us, and it was in the afternoon when we finally arrived there where the golden sunshine fell into the place.

I love golden hour. It makes everything seem more beautiful than actually is.

The place is quite HUGE. We parked our car above the swimming area, I could see a giant​ PO statue in kungfu panda standing happily above the mini waterboom.

"I want to go there now mom!" Said Noah pointed with his forefinger to the swimming area. But we didn't prepared ourselves for swim, we didn't even knew that there would be a swimming area in this place, I thought this place is only for culinary.

So we walked to another place that seems to be an area for flying fox? I didn't put too much attention there because my eyes were glued to the house tree that look so dauntingly beautiful and well created.

Then we walked around to another place and felt amazed with how clean and beautiful the place is. But our tummy didn't allow us to walk around any longer, they were rumbled in protest so we rushly walked to the café.

Riverland. The owner picked the most appropriate name for his café, because the place is literally placed beside a river. Even though the place is romantic, beautiful, and really good for candle light dinner with your love, but I think that this place isn't a good place to visit in wet weather, and alhamdulillah, it wasn't rain when I came there! I always dread the flood since the place is so low, too low it made me think that even a little rain could make the river water rise and drowned the place.⊙﹏⊙

Gezz... Enough with horror.ಠoಠ

We ordered our afternoon meal; noah ate burger, my sister was in pasta mood, hubby ordered a huge roasted beef ribs, and I ordered dori fish with sabu-sabu sauce. It was delisssshhh and the jumbo portion made my tummy felt so stuffed.

The sky has turned dark when we walked out from café to our car, but the dark surrounding made the place even much prettier. The colourful small lights are everywhere and the yellow light from tree houses made me feel like living in Peterpan world. A fairytale.

I just love it. I love being there, I love how it made me feel, love this place a lot !

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