I grabbed cappuccino latte this morning, sipped slowly while sitting in front of the mirror. I already put everything on my face but still couldn't decide which lip shade I wanted to go today. I opened my lipstick rack and lifted 5 lipstick that I use most, and realized that these 5 are always become my daily options to go with. It's kind of crazy that in 2017 I bought so many lipstick, from purple to a deep red, but to find myself back to these 5 lipstick.

2017 was a year of liquid matte lipstick! If you love to get the full lips look that will transform your look to a mysterious sexy lady appearance like Kylie Jenner or Angelina jolie, then you must be in love with this kind of lipstick. Its so pigmented and last long, and the doe-foot applicator made it less hard to swipe it on your lips. Also, 2017 is the year where liquid matte lipstick felt less drying and it won't make your lips flaked like it need some water.

Even thought I love matte lip cream so much, but I also hate with the fact that the shades are mostly in deep nude colours which sadly couldn't ever match with my lip shape at all. In fact, I tried different shades of nudes with different undertones but it always made me look like a clown. I found that the shades of coral with a strong orange undertones is the most suited shade for my thin lips.

Now, I give you 5 of my favourite lipstick ~which is not all lip cream, there's also lip tint and the classic lipstick~ that I use most in 2017.


It's bold, bright, pretentious, and fierce! its a colour that will make you become an attention stealer! I use this whenever I wanted the sharp and fearless look, like a brave and strong women who show no mercy to her opponent, like, Angelina Jolie in maleficent, haha.) It also smells good like candy!


This shades is so tricky. Its pale, so if you put it on your bare face, it will make you look like a sick person. I love to use this shade to balanced my bold party makeup with fake eyelashes and whatnot so it won't look too crazy.

3. INEZ - (I forgot the shade)

This is my everyday lipstick that I use most than any other lipstick I own. Its a matte lipstick, a lil bit drying and make your lips a bit flaky so I always use lip butter first before I use this lipstick.


I love this shade! It has bright orange undertones which fell so nicely on my lips and made my face more fresh and bright! I always felt like an adolescent girl who just had her first love when I applied this lipstick. Its so girlish and always gave me a happy energy. believe it or not, this lip cream is one of my confidence booster!


It's my weapon on my makeup free day. It's so natural, I almost couldn't tell that I put something on my lips. Its a non-drying lip tint that didn't oxidize, the colour is soooo soft, I felt like wearing nothing but lip moisturizer.


There you are, my current favorites lipstick, and I can't wait what kind of lipstick this year will bring us into.

Until next time!


  1. Wahhh sama2 pecinta lippie! Mau cobain yang Wardah ahhh..
    Nice share!


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    1. you should... pavorite bgd dehh yg wardah, hehe...


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