I almost forgot the reason why my heart so moved when I look at the women who already wear clothes based on syari way. It's definitely Allah way to make my heart moved so much and I took that as a hidayah, but I almost forgot in what kind of way.

Then I remember, It started a couple weeks after Noah started to school. That day, while I waited outside his class, there's a women who are physically not too pretty but she has this glowing aura and great energy that makes me so in love with her, I couldn't take my eyes of her. Her smile show a kindness and softness and she look like a true women that every women should be. Every time I look at her, I also look at myself and feel embarrassed. That day I wore tight black pants and grey sweaters and wrapped my pashmina like I usually did. I thought "oh my, she's on different level, and I want to be like her!".

After that precious moment, I started to follow people on instagram who already wear syar'i clothes, just to make my heart more into it, and of course, to be inspired.

The process was slower than the times when I started to covered myself with Hijab. I hunted the dress from so many online shop and 'WOWing at the price. Its EXPENSIVE! I truly admired SISESA, LYRA VIRNA, and JAWHARA line but couldn't afford it but there's always a cheaper option like -the dupe. *grin*

After almost a year of trying to make myself comfortable wearing big abaya and khimar, here's what I thought and feel about it:

1. Yes it hot but the usual Hijab is also hot if the weather is already hot. There's no difference at all. I always sweat a lot but I found that wearing khimar has more advantage than the scarf/pashmina did because it covered my sweating back and armpit. Ha!

2. I can use bb cream a shade lighter than my skin tone without the dread feeling that people would ever noticing the difference. I'm Korean addict, and the lightest shades of Korean BB cream are always a shade lighter than my skin tone or it's too milky and pinkish compared to my yellow skin tone.

3. It hides my body imperfection. Alhamdulillah after I gave birth to two human being, my tummy back to flat but my thigh is bigger and I have a super big breast from breastfeeding my baby. I've always unconfident with my breast but khimar covered those, and big and loose dress covered my big thigh. If you already have a perfect body, it may be tempting to show it to the world by wearing tight clothes but syar'i clothes will never makes your body become uglier. The perfect body will always look perfect in whatever the clothes they are wearing.

4. No more high bun is good for me because I always felt dizzy whenever I tied my hair that way. It's sunnah after all.

5. I'm free to sit in any kind of style I wanted to without having to worry my skin showing from the lifted top that I've always get whenever I wear short top. I don't know if u experience this but I did, especially when I tried to get something higher than my hand could reach, or when I sat on a bike, or sat on the floor. I usually covered my back waist with bag but I never do that any more since I wear long dress.

6. It's fast! I don't have to worry to get late because khimar is instant, I don't have to go through step by step of wearing inner ninja and wrapped my pashmina with pin here and there.

7. Unless my dress isn't under my feet, I don't have to bring mukena for pray since my dress is big enough to covered my body.

Ffiiiuuhhh... Let's breath a lil bit. Haha. there you are, I gave you 7 reason why I think its better to wear syar'i clothes than don't and I hope whoever read this got a bit enlightenment of how it feels to wear syari clothes and slapped those comment which said that wearing Shar'i is too much of work or too troublesome.



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    1. Thanks for visiting n commenting bro, blog has become a lonely world right? Haha...

  2. One of my friends decided to go syari but some friends look at her weirdly and it doesn't help her confidence. Do you ever experience the same thing?

    1. It must be hard for her but no matter how we look, theres always someone who judge us by appearance esp with a new one, and it always came first before we feel comfortable and confident with our new selves. They are basically not used to see our new look but after they used to it, we won't get that weirdly look anymore. I also got that thing you said, so that's why I took the process slowly. Some people even gossiping me that I am one of those ISIS girl, its silly and hurtful but they said that because they still don't know the actual rule that is written in the Qur'an. I pray Allah strengthen our eeman n our goodwill, and guide us in a right path.♥


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