This post is written not to give you tips on how to look good at home because who am I to tell you what to wear, more over at home ? Heck I often wear sport pants and oversized T-shirt at home since it's so comfy, and I thought that, since nobody would never see me at home (except family) why not to wear whatever I want without have to be bothered by the thought that people who see me would feel grossed by the fact that I'm basically shabby.

Because you know, my appearance at home isn't that good. Sometimes I wear a same clothes for three days, my hair look like a messy yarns, so if someone out of family see me, they would feel disgusted and probably throw up, or probably talked behind my back that I look so dauntingly dirty. (I think hubby secretly feel this but he didn't throw up, just a lil bit gross maybe, but I took bath 2 times a day!).

Talking about clothes I wear at home, I suddenly remember that I used to have this dingy black sweater that I loved to die. Although it has few holes here and there, but it was so extremely comfy and warm, I used it all the time till it mysteriously..... Gone. One day, I found my precious sweater lying poorly on the kitchen floor, my mom, who walked down the stair, (she probably saw my shocked face), blurted "it's your ugly sweater."

So, she creatively ripped it off to pieces and functionally changed it to a mop. ( I almost cried but felt powerless.)

Anyway, today I post my oh-so-simple clothes that I wore at my mum's house which I still think of it as my home. That day I slept over her house and.. *Ehm*, I randomly took her blouse in her closet because I didn't bring more clothes there, I also put a bit makeup (I didn't go anywhere though, just for the sake of pictures), and I wore the comfy black ruffled culottes I bought from missTomom, and I swear that the cheap jersey bergo I wore on picture is more useful and wearable than the expensive khimar I've ever bought! (at home of course, in case someone visited the house or in need to go out to buy snacks, hehe).

This is what 'modestly style' suppose to be y all, by not making much effort to look great, style with zero intention on your head.

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