While writing this post, I suddenly remembered my late friend who passed away last month after she gave birth to her third child. I felt like having a worst dream when I heard the news, like a bad April's mop joke on november? because the last time we chat, she sounded fine, we even shared story about our pregnancy things. But you know, Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) said, “Every soul shall taste death.” Everyone’s time of death is written and only Allah (swt) alone knows when we will take our last breath. So that's why, death should be our daily reminder for us, since we don't know if today will be our last day in this world.

Anyway, sorry for the weirdness for talking about death in beauty review, but the reason why my late friend suddenly popped into my head is because she's the one who introduced me to this brand. I mean, of course by not explained about the brand (we had zero knowledge about this brand, we even clueless from where this brand came) she just told me that she used shinzui matsu as her bath soap when I asked her why she smelled so good, and so that's why I changed my bath soap ever since.

It's clearly not a weird thing if a brand knowingly for their bath soap is also launching a facial wash. It's still soap anyway. But the thing is, bath soap and facial wash are two different kind of things that usually feels different on skin. Facial wash is usually softer but feel harder and dryer on skin because skin on face is thinner than our body.

But shinzui is different. Their bath soap and facial wash feel like same, I even had to recheck and re-read the bottle description because I was afraid that I put a liquid bath soap on my face. It has a same color and consistency, and almost have a same fragrance like their matsu bath soap, maybe the only difference is on their scrub.

Do you see a tiny pinkish particles on picture above? It's a scrub, and I screamed regrettably​ when I noticed them because I hate it! contrary to its purpose of getting rid acne, it always invite more acne onto my face.

Gladly, Shinzui anti acne facial wash scrub is different from any facial wash scrubs I tried so far, its so soft, it didn't ruined my face.

My opinion

I don't know if my makeup really cleaned well with this facial wash since I always double cleansing-ing with garnier micelar water so I don't know which one is works better, but the combination didn't break me out and I felt my skin is brighter and softer after I cleaned my face with this facial wash. No drying feeling and I have no negative affect even after I repurchased the product for the third time.

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