Her name is Rini Suminar but we call her Kity. Though we still confused by the fact that we called her that name since; she doesn't look like a cat,she's also not a cat lover, and even though I'm sure that she know about 'hello kitty' but I doubt that her name is based from it since she's never been a fan, but we still called her that name anyway and decided that her nickname is the biggest unsolved mystery in our friendship history that will never be forgotten.

Anyway, this 'kity' I talked about, texted me today, she invited me to lunch at my long long long best friend's house whom I yearn so much because we hadn't meet for like a reaaally long time! I was so excited to the point that I curved a weird smile on my short drive to her house.

You know, meeting with old friends whose spent all your teenagedom with, good or bad, sad and happy, make yourself feel less old. In fact, when I met them, I felt that we are still living in 90' and 2000's era where we still wear a white and blue uniform.

That day, we made a bad dry jokes and weirdly laughed by it, we also shared story of our life, talked about others life, and still frowned by the unbelievable feeling that we are now a mom. (We used to be a tomboyish and rebellious girls gangsta, so having and caring a child is weird for us.)

left to right: Kity, Rita, Me, Widia 
A lunch with friends in a little village isn't kind of lunch in a big city which usually serve a luxurious and instagram worthy food. We basically cooked foods together and eat it on the floor with a huge banana leaf as our plate. It's called 'ngeliwet' or 'liliwetan', it's so modest, and cultural, and so sundanese, and fun, and we almost do that things whenever we gathered on someone's house.
source : google image
That day I found myself wearing denim dress which I got from brandstore Muslim, though I love it since it so casual and bring more informality than a dress made from soft loose fabric, but I hate by the fact that it easily crumpled.

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