Having a 5 years old son means that the house is always messy. Toys are always everywhere, carpet filled with snacks, and I don't know how many times I yelled at him when he jumped from sofa to the floor till he stopped and said madly "I'm just playing spiderman mom!"

Seriously, its a nerve wrecking job to be a mom but when he was out somewhere, I always felt something missing. House is quiet, and I miss him, and I want him to be always around me. Gah!

In the first week after I gave birth to baby H, I got something called 'baby blues'. I always bawled my eyes out every time I stared at Noah's face while he was sleeping, and felt sad and sorry because he's not a solo kid anymore.

He once asked me to sleep with him but I couldn't because I co-sleeping baby H, and when I told that mommy can't sleep with him, my heart wrecked so much, I hide my teary eyes.

Now since the baby blues is gone, I've been so in love and enjoying a lot of having two kids at home. Noah is such a nice brother. He swept baby H vomit with tissue, talk with her, and always kiss her forehead soon after he got home from school. I even wonder why some people feel that one kid is enough for them because you know, having one more kid is amazing!


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