I've always become a homie girl. Not because I don't have a chance, but because home is my most comfort place where I spent all the fun things I love. Sometimes I made a reason when friends asked me to hang out together just to avoided the crowd and dialogues that always leads us to gossiping others. But you know, staying at home all the time isn't always a good thing especially after all those sleepless night from taking care a newborn. The emotion isn't a joke.

Baby Hana is now 2 months old, and the elders thought that she's too young to bring outside for a long time. But hubby n I agree, we need to go somewhere to keep life and emotion in balance.

When the car was ready outside, I was so hesitated to go downstairs​ because I imagined how hectic, chaos, and nerve wrecking it would be to bring a breastfed baby out! but when I arrived there, alhamdulillah, I didn't get all those bad imagination I was thought before. She is such a sweet n nice baby. No fussy fussy baby, and there's always a fitting room for feeding time!

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