Don't ever underestimate the power of clothes on your day. Even the simplest clothes can make your day become better or worst. It affect your confidence and when you are in a 'not-so-confident' mood, your day will also turned to be not-so-good.

That day I was so tired from the lack of sleep.

Baby H is a good sleeper, she woke up two times at night for feed but it never disturbed me because she usually sleep again when feeding time is over. But it's me who always failed to sleep again after I fed her at night. I always ended up myself washing the dishes and cleaning up the house, treating myself with a cup of hot chocolate, and continued to take baby H bath after she woke up in the morning. As a result, I have panda eyes and dull face. My skin care routine never help my skin from unhealthy sleep schedule though.

As you probably know, Bright clothes are always become my mojo. I love it since it freshen up my tired face, so that's why that day I decided to wore something far from neutral. I mixed my bright purple dress with a bright light turquoise khimar. Weird but It works guys! Bright vs bright thingy, and noone ever noticed my tired face since my clothes already brought a lot attention than my face.

I spent that day with team krucil, even baby H is joined the squad!

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