I don't know what came to mind when I clicked the shopping cart button to buy this marble sun pact. First, I was actually frowned in doubt because the advertisement claimed to cover so much things that seems 'too good to be true'. I browsed through internet and youtube but found zero review about this product. Is it unpopular?

One thing for sure, I was so curious because it claimed to hide freckles and wrinkles, and it also has a freaking staying power that last for 25 hours! Also, because I'm a nutter for a cute packaging cosmetic, the compact look too cute and the marble is so unique I couldn't hold myself from buying it.



But what is sun pact anyway? Is it necessary to add to our daily makeup?

Based on a bunch reviews i've read so far, I found that a sun pact is a compact powder that has a lot of benefits. Its like a non-liquid bb cream in a much less coverage that also act as a powder sunscreen that will nicely stay on your skin without ruining your makeup.

ain't it cute? it made from plastic but i still love it anyway!

This 3 second marble sun pact isn't like other normal sun pact. Its so unique, it look like it made from jelly. The texture is similar to the famous thailand product, bouncepact 88, It's not hard like a pressed powder, but it's also not so creamy like a cream foundation. It won't bounce back when you press it, it's more like a clay mask to me.
the stickiest sponge i've use so far.

coverage is bad and it's so un-buildable. I tried it with 7 layer but the result is still same, it didn't cover anything but a little.

⚫ shades #21 look too light for my skin, much lighter than April skin cushion, I felt like a ghost.
⚫ didn't cover anything on my face
⚫ too pinky
⚫ sink into pores n finelines
⚫ destroying the coverage of my cushion
⚫ cakey
⚫ didn't get the glow that advertisement claimed to give.
⚫ staying power is good but I never wear it more than 5 hours though.

Overall, this is my worst buy so far.


  1. Totally agree. Worst buy this far.

  2. Thanks for this review. Juat about to buy

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  4. I bought this 3 second sun pact powder after seeing the advertisement.but its totally doesnt seem to be the same way . It doesnt even cover your pigmentation.doesnt suit me at all. My face becomes white n not rosy.Its horrible.I really feel so disappointed with the product n my money being wasted

  5. Thanks for the Good honest review!


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