About two or three months ago, I decide to discontinued my dermatologist cream because my freckles seems to fade a lot. I was so happy with the result and didn't feel the need to use that cream anymore. So i stopped using the night cream ( i only used that ) by tapering my skin care routine little by little to avoid the rebound effect that usually caused by the strong ingredient from steroid and hydroquinone, but you know, bad is bad, poison is poison. I still get it anyway. (I only used the cream for two months)


Two weeks after I totally stopped my dermatologist night cream which contain high percentage of hydroquinone, steroid, and tretinoin, my skin reacted the bad bad bad kinda way. I saw hundred or maybe thousand of red tiny bumps around my nose and mouth (which is not acne) and it super itchy and so annoying to see. I wore mask everywhere to covered my face because I felt too embarrassed with my skin condition.

I self diagnosed my problem with something called perioral dermatitis.
[ this is exactly how my skin look like ]
On those worst period, I tried to pretend that it didn't exist (mirror was my enemy). I stopped using anything on my face and just washing it with water. Later on, (about a month later) my skin was getting better. I saw the redness started to fade away, no more itchy feeling, but the bumps was still there. So I decided to start another treatment which is safe to use in a long term. I chose essence to started my new evening skincare remedies and SK-II is my choice.


Some people swore by it, some people just hate it, and some people claimed that it gave little to no effect.

Unlike makeup, Skin care are always about plus, minus, and zero. It's either amazing, or bad, or nothing but a waste of money. Bare in mind, If a skin care product works for you, it doesn't mean it works for everyone---if it works for them, it doesn't mean it also works for you. So that's why, knowing what ingredient that usually caused your skin mad is a big advantage.

I chose pitera because I was simply curious. SK-II is the first company to introduce this ingredient and it became a huge success! It became best seller in many years and has received many award. Years after, other big company like secret key, missha, and mizon, followed their way and started to create their own version of pitera essence. That's why, this leading me to believe that there must be a great reason why a thousand woman swear by this product and why other company make their own dupe.

I was initially looking for a cheaper price with a same ingredients (missha first treatment essence) but its hard to get unless its a pre-order or preloved. So I chose what available in the market. Just FYI, I bought this from CHIC-PRINCESSA. SK-II is on sale! Go check 'em out.


It came in a beautiful frosted glass bottle that look elegant and classy like an expensive perfume, but I always afraid that it would fall and break though: I'm clumsy and I also have a 'clumsy' little boy who love to use my makeup as his toy, ⊙︿⊙

This essence is like water. clear and runny, quickly absorbed onto your skin, a lil bit drying, and it smells so 'yuck' like a.... saliva? Although I'm quite disturbed with the smells but it quickly disappear after it absorbed onto my skin. I usually stopped my evening ritual here and used only fte but since its quite drying for my skin so I plan to use moisturizer on top. *Still searching*


Alhamdulillah, there's no purging effect, or maybe not yet, but I hope not. Those little bumps around my mouth and nose are tremendously decreasing in size to the point that it doesn't look obvious anymore. some bumps began to flake, and no more redness! *\(^_^)/*

below is a no-filter pictures taken with my phone, I couldn't catch the detail.

my skin texture was rough and bumpy when I started the fte, redness was still came and go, but entering the second week, those bumps became less visible, and no more redness!

Although it's too early to see the overall result of the magic pitera essence but I'm confident enough to say that this SK-II FTE has made difference on my skin but I still put my expectation low though. high expectation leads to disappointment and I'm avoiding that feeling.


It's out of topic but I have to write my thought here in hope that you will take a lesson from my mistake : to put steroid on my face.

Years ago, many people swore about the unbranded cream called 'wallet, tabita, Queena, blossom, deonard, etc etc' because it made their skin flawless without zits, dark sports, melasma, freckles, and other skin problem. It also made their skin super white to the point that it made their face look bloodless like edward cullen!

Years later, people started to have problem with their skin and realize that all those times they put mercury on their face. They stopped the product and hunt for another option.

these days I've seen many many magic cream made by dermatologist spreading everywhere, being sale by unknown sellers for a cheap price! People sells those cream freely like selling clothes! I even doubt that they really care about their customer safeties, or even knew what inside that cream and how bad it is if it use for a long time. Mostly, all they care is money.

Dermatologist cream are created for those who came directly to them, and show their face, and consulted the best way to cure their skin problem. From there, they usually gave one series of a product to use but a regular check up is a must!

I had a problem though with my last dermatologist. After consulted my problem, I bought a cream from him to get rid my freckles. But when I told him that my skin turned worst after I stopped the cream, he told me to put anti-irritant cream to cure my problem.

"Ugh no! Thank you." 

He told me to cure my poisoned face with poison? It made me laugh since anti irritant cream is wildly known for their high dose of steroid, and perioral dermatitis is caused by nothing but... steroid.

With long-term use of topical steroid the skin may develop permanent stretch marks (striae), bruising, discolouration, or thin spidery blood vessels (telangiectasias). Topical steroids may trigger or worsen other skin disorders such as acne, rosacea and perioral dermatitis.

So girls and guys... Or whoever read this long post, I just want to say that there's no safe cream from anywhere but over the counter products.  It's has light ingredients from natural to chemical but it safe to use for a long long time until your skin get bored. Of course the result isn't as fast like a dermatologist cream, but it safe and you won't regret. The key is 'no rush' and be patient.

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