Years ago I thought I won't ever change my bb cream because I thought missha perfect cover BBC is the best one. Not until Korean beauty industry started to introduce BB cushion. At that time, I had to hold myself from buying it since I love missha a lot and didn't want to replace it but the simplicity of the cushion packaging just made me drool. I purchased the one and only etude house precious mineral BB cushion, and also fell instantly in love!

From there, i thought etude house was my HG cushion and wont ever replace it with another product. but then... The new brand called april skin came with their magic stone and bb cushion that became the best seller in Korea.

Im curios for what it claimed so I bought it.


it came in a sturdy black packaging which I love (I love black packaging makeup) but since it made from plastic and also came without refill so I think its a lil bit unfair for the price. Missha bb magic cushion has a cheaper price compared to april skin but it come with refill. Sadly, i can't compare between the two since i don't own missha so I don't know which quality is better.

The puff is twice better than etude house precious mineral cushion. When I finished my first cushion, the puff is still in good condition.

This is the uniqueness of April skin. It has a curve in the cushion to prevent moisture from evaporating.


This is my main reason why I bought this April skin cushion in the first place. To hide my FRECKLES! So that's why, I had a big expectation when I opened the box but only to found myself a lil bit disappointed because my freckles didn't entirely covered. Concealer did the trick but all concealer product I've ever tried always look cakey on me.


Below I'm using April skin magic snow cushion alone, on my bare face, without toner and essence under it, and without powder on top.

As you can see above, it really brighten my skin and it has semi dewy finish which I love. Its not overwhelming like having an oily looking skin, the shine that it gave is in the right level. I always felt like Song Hye Kyo for a moment but I realize I was just dreaming. 😁

Below, I took picture in a different day after I picked up Noah at school. I wore April skin at 7am and when I took this picture, it was 12pm. So it was about 5hours after application.

I use toner ⏩ essence ⏩moisturizer ⏩ april skin cushion ⏩ and a thin layer of loose powder to make it last longer and to give me a matte finish.

As you can see, my skin still look matte, and my freckles is visible if you look them closely in a close distance. It didn't hide my scarred pore that well but what I love most is that it made me like having that smooth looking skin! The shades also blended so well onto my skin, I feel like wearing nothing.


Before I had perioral dermatitis and before my freckles really fade with dermatogist cream, I wore this cushion and went away to visit my mom. My sister was there and she asked me what kind of product I use. My skin look glowing, she said. When I told her that I use only cushion, she didn't believe. So I wipe away my makeup with her cleanser and she was like 'wow'. Yup! My bare face was like usual, dull with freckles on the both side of my cheek, and this cushion has succeeded in gave me those temporary glowing looking skin and I love it!

The cons of this product is that it come without refill, and the staying power isn't that amazing since I was expected it would last for 9 hours but it didnt. maybe 6 to 7 hours. I heard it also waterproof but I didn't experience that feeling. After wudhu I feel like some product went away and I must re-pat the product after it. Also, although it claimed to hide freckles but it didn't. My freckles is still visible, if you see me in reality it would look more obvious but if I compared to etude house precious mineral cushion, this April skin is way better! The coverage is ah-ma-zing!

I'll keep repurchasing it, I'm curious with the pink and white version, but I also want to try another brand like missha and laneige. So, until I found the better one, i'll keep using this since I'm quite happy with the result it gave

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