Instagram is a great place for photo lovers, including me, who are one of those crazy unprofessional photo taker. I even took picture of my curtain shadow when boredom was hitting me.

Now, after years passes by, instagram has grew become a lot more than photo sharing. Its a business place, inspiration source, and a place to show off. It's actually a good place to share, if only we think easily that it just about photo which can be easily manipulated by editing, lighting, camera quality, etc etc....

People started to compete to look more than others. Mostly they obsessed to have 'more' like, and 'more' followers. The more you have followers, the more chance you get into real business. They get money and free stuffs, by just snapping picture.

To achieve that, they obviously must have a beautiful feed which filled with tons of super great pictures and loyal followers. They traveled to different places, snapping their super expensive food, wearing a million prices clothes, party, and attend to a high class occasions, just to show us that they have a class, and so they deserve to follow because they provide followers with hundred of unboring pictures, which is hard for us not to push the 'love' button and gave them one or two words of compliment.

This is a strange world. The more you get money the more you get respected by others.

I told my sister that she should look carefully of her teen, in case she's getting fooled by Instagram perfect life. I heard that some teens force their parents to buy expensive phone or expensive mirrorless camera just to have a beautiful instagram feed. Their visually perfect life has fooled many people that they live in a real awesome life and so if we compared to our life, we are nothing but a loser.


Instagram has never been about who we are; it's about who we want to be.

I think the problem on instagram is that there's a dishonesty at its core. All photography of worth captures some kind of truth, something that you wouldn't have picked up on with the naked eye. At the very least, it presents an interestingly distorted view of reality. Instagram, on the other hand, offers a lie, aesthetically and thematically. It's a filtered and staged version of the real world, which is fine if you're Christopher nolan, but Instagram thinks it's street journalism.

let's jump to ISLAMIC VIEW of this phenomenon.

In no doubt, i tell you that today we are having one of the greatest fitna which prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told us. The era where 'the more you have money' the more you get respected by others. The bigger you lied, the bigger you get compliments.

Imagine this: You saw a great, super beautiful picture that make you murmur in amazement. You know that picture is super filtered and photoshopped (fake and unreal), but still, you gave them compliment (in heart and soul) for their awesome skill to polished the picture. This is what I mean with; when a liar get respected. But this is only a small example (In Photography life). they not actually lie because it's an honest fake picture. We're deceived yet we didn't feel deceived.

How many times we see this quote spreading on instagram?

life is beautiful. I used to believe that, I even posted this quote a long time ago. Life is beautiful with everything and we should enjoy life and keep dreaming because we only live once. But this is absolutely not true.

In Islam, there no such things like that.

The world is suck! There's nothing beautiful about it. Allah and prophet Muhammad pbuh never praised the world even once in the Quran n sunnah. Yet, we praised the world, like it's a paradise.

This world is a punishment place for Adam and eve. We belong in heaven so walk in this world like a stranger who walk in a strange place with a strange people. walk in this world like we're going to die tomorrow. Don't think about other people, we have our own destiny and faith.

My tips? Unfollow those who only get your brain hotter.


Sometimes i wanted to delete my instagram, leaving it behind me forever and just blog my mind out. One of many reason why I wanted to delete it is because i'm tired of posting uninteresting n meaningless pictures of my personal life and oh-so-standard outfits. Im tired of spent hours on editing pictures and ignored people around me that also needs my attention.

Sometimes we sat in the couch and didnt talk each others because we were busy with our phone. Instagram n internet has took away our precious moment of our life that cannot be taken back once its stolen.

With a great shame I admit, Instagram has made me become a photo comparison freak and it drives me crazy. When I blog, I never compared my pictures and outfit with another blog. It just like my blog is my virtual home, my diary, my story, my place of creativity. Of course we have different story and different mind, so nothing to compete for. Also, There's no 'thumb up or love' button which is good for me because the 'like' button is nothing than a tool to kill our self pride. I also don't put too much care if no one commenting my post. It just like I post for my own sake! Im kinda narcistic somehow because I love to see my own post, hihi.

Lastly... This post I made as a self reminder whenever I get sucked in this fake world that instagram has built. So.... Don't take instagram or ANY social media too serious because seriously, it is not worth even a penny.


  1. I'm totally agree with your opinion and that tips!! I took it too seriously, you're so true ♥

    My Little Cream Button ♥

    1. Oh I thought I am the only one.. Glad I have a friend... Hihi

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