This place has become a topic around my neighborhood, so that's why i had to come here at least once in a lifetime, though I have a little doubt that yesterday was my last visit.

This place is like a mini version of taman mini indonesia indah. There's a mini roller coaster, swimming park, atv, dirt bike track, bandros, train bus, and a clean river where you can take a mini boat ride with your beloved one (ticket only cost 10k / person).

This place is quite new and still developing. So its no wonder the place is so clean, you can find a lot of trash can in every corner of the street and building, also, the mosque has an awesome classic look which i love to stare at. the food n drink prices gave me a little frown though. So if you have a plan to come here, i suggest you to bring your own food and drink especially when you about to go to the swimming park. It has a double price than alpa and yomart.

Talked about swimming park, the only thing i found quite interesting is that a pool with a non-stop wave that look like a hard beach surrounded by a black and white rock mountain, which i found quite odd and confusing. I asked my brother what is that white paint thing supposed to mean? He said maybe its a lava... White lava? Hihi ...

I'm glad that everyone looked so happy and enjoyed the water play a lot, but the best part is when I saw mom swimming like a little cute girl. She said swimming made her childhood memories back to mind. She also could play music that sounded like a drum sound with just hitting the water, and it just awesome! I couldn't stop staring at her, laughing all the time while playing with the water. Also, she's a good swimmer, better than me.

This place is so botanical. You could see a lot of beautiful high trees, green plants, and the blue skies makes everything seems so perfect.

Icakan is placed in ciamis, west java-indonesia, 3 hours before pangandaran (if you go from Bandung or Jakarta). They also have a little boutique which sells T-shirt and swim suit, and mini market with a lot of snacks, cold drinks, and kids toys.

For information, visit their website HERE.

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