I'm getting into the thick long coat vibes which used to be hard to get here in Indonesia unless if you got it from Zara or manggo, or other high brand alike. I remember a friend of mine told me how excited she was when she had to go to hongkong in winter. "Finally, time to wear this freaking coat and boots!" She said with a brightest smile.

We live in a tropical place, so probably our top fashion designers didn't even think to create it because they thought this long coat wasn't meant for us who always live in summer, (sometimes wetter and colder but its not that cold), Its like wearing thick fur in the desert. So bloody hot.

But now the game has changed. I have a little thought that this trend began after hijab fashion getting so much attention here in Indonesia + how celebgram and internet affected the brain of our local designers.

Talked about the comfort zone side, from my perspective this long coat become a save option for some girl because of two main reason: 1. It covered your bottom, and 2, it look stylish.

Now I'm a bit excited since people in fashion industry has started to make this kind of coat but with a friendlier fabric that Won't make you sweating really hard. I bought one by the way. A coat but not a coat. Its a long cardigan that really look like a coat.

I bought this because I like how fooled-looking this one is. It has a denim printed so if you see me wearing this from distance, you will probably think that I wear a denim long coat. Which is not since its made from soft and stretchy fabric that feel so nice and cool to wear in a hot weather.

Anyway, here's some inspiration for you....

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