Beware: A lot of water pictures here


I told you before that Noah seems had a sort of thing like water phobia. So when my sister asked me to bring our kiddo to swim, I was so hesitate in fear that we couldn't enjoy the day. last time I brought Noah here, we did nothing but to stare everyone swimming in front of us.

But that fear has finally ended.

That morning I asked hubby to drove us there (to teejay) and he agreed and after one hour of a really smooth journey, we arrived here at 11am. After we bought tickets i saw noah couldn't hide the axcitement smirk when he saw the pool.

Soon after we settled a cool place to stay (below the trees, hihi) Noah walked to the pool and started to touch his feet into the water. I was surprised because he still wearing his brown jeans and shirt so i had to brought him back and changed his clothes. Oh my.  What surprised me more, he didn't seem afraid. I didn't see the dread face that he always showed when he saw a large amount of water. He really enjoyed the water play, he even asked me to bring him again. I think playing beach when I took him bath is really works!

I got my period so I didn't swim. I asked my mom to take my picture but its out of focus, hihi... But still, credit for her.

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  1. Your children are so handsome and beautiful kak!
    Duh ngomomongin phobia, aku juga punya phobia terhadap ikan T_T

    soo love it!! ♥ your outfit and it background!

    My Little Cream Button ♥


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