Marriage is about entering the new stage of life, taking responsibility of another person not only for this living world but also for the hereafter. Its a huge responsibility to Allah, So thats why im so proud of my brother when he decided to take this important step of his life. Now he's not a little boy who asked mom to brush his teeth anymore. He's already a man.

It was so early in the morning when i woke up to the sound of the loudest alarm i could set on my phone. It was still dark but i could hear chickens screaming from the back of my house. It was 4am. Noah and hubby slept unsoundly, didn't disrupted by the sound i made when my makeup pouch fell from my hand.

Two hours later, hubby was ready with his black suit, and so with noah. He wore white lined shirt with dark blue vest and his 'special' bowler hat that became his 'must wear item' since i bought it years ago.

When I just stepped my feet into my parent's house, i saw the 'guy of the day' walked through the opened door wearing grey suit that look so fit with his tall body. He smiled but didnt seem so care about the crowd...... He look so classy and mature, and speechlessly awesome! that was my first time seeing him in a suit. Hope wont be the last either. ( i imagining him in the future having a job that requiring him to wear a suit just like in korean drama, hihi.

We drove in a same car. I jokingly said "just take a long deep breath bro. It'll gonna be a hell nervous!" but he didn't seem to be nervous at all.

We took selfies in the car, talked and joking each other. I also heard Mom and dad gave him a deep touching advice but it still ended with a long laugh especially when we talked about the first night after marriage.

That happy and calm moment was ended when the time we were waiting for came. I saw he made a weird and awkward move with his wet finger, and he also took a deep breath a couple times. I clearly saw the super tense feeling that was finally hitting him. Oh my.

After we parked our car in front of the building, the girl's family welcomed us and then made a quick ceremony As we entered the building.

After one and another speech followed each other, the host asked my brother, mom, and dad to sit in a place to make a wedding statement. When my brother sat there, I saw he desperately tried to look calm but everyone knew he was so completely.... utterly nervous.

I heard from husband when he was about to marry me, he said that it was the most tense moment of his life. He almost forgot what to said. I guess my brother was feeling the same.

Then the bride came, smiled calmly as she walked with her long white elegant dress, red lips, and flawless makeup that made her look like a queen. They smiled each other, i felt fluttered.

It was quick. Really quick statement that i found myself unbelievably proud of how fast and clear the words came from his mouth. Everyone clapped their hands as they now legally husband and wife. Tears fell from my eyes when I remember about our childhood memories that we've spent together. Time goes fast.

They now husband and wife and so the party begin............... but it always ended up with pleasurable sinful feeling: i ate too much, my tummy turned so big it made me hard to breath but I couldn't rest because I have to catch Noah who couldn't stay inside the building and always running. But that was fun, sad, and touching moment that I decide to share with you.
Me, My sister, & my nieces

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