I thought i'm not interested with jumpsuit and overall but saw how massive the trend are, so I decided to try. I picked this item not just because its quite cheap, but I love with the black vertical lining. It makes your body slimmer and taller.

My Dad said that I look like a zebra though. Zebra who walk with two feet and talked like she has some brain, and snort deeply when she smells some food.
When mom saw me wearing this clothes she said, "so how do you get your clothes off when you about to pee?"
"There's a button in the shoulder and I put my clothes down and pee,"
"an extra time to pee? Too troublesome."

That was a quick blatantly honest review of a 50 something woman that we must agree upon. Too troublesome. And that's not it! The overall thingy is even more troublesome. Too much button and i always fear that the 'pee' liquid dropped onto it. We can't pray with a pee on our clothes, right?

Somehow i love to see myself in the mirror wearing this clothes. I feel so... Lined.

I love this cardy though. it's so warm, i felt a huge bear hugged me in the back. great for a cold morning but not so great for a bright sunny day since it will make you sweating really hard. 

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