This post I made as a request from some of my instagram followers about how to achieve this white background pictures. I love white. and recently I put hashtag #whiteaddict into my instagram pictures to join the community of white lovers. I think white is so clean and aesthetically appealing.

First! you need to take good picture with some white on it. A little trick I've been use since a long time ago, use white paper as a background for your flatlay picture, or... white fabric to make your picture a bit glowing.

In order to make a good picture, you need good lighting. I usually take pictures near the window, but if you like a shadowy image, take it near the opened door. Natural light is the BEST!

So let's go to the most FUN steps. editing process!


It's a worth paid application. It easy to use and I love how precise it is. You just need your finger to brush the unwanted thing from your image. I mainly use this to whiten the white background but it also have a tool to soften the image and even blurring the background so it'll look like you have a 50mm lens sticking on your phone. It looks really good.


It's FREE and it has amazing tool to whiten your image. I usually use the brush tool since i found it to be more easy, but you can also use the selective tool. the result is not much different.

just to give you an idea, here's how I edit my picture with brush tool option . You can download it straight onto your phone and try it yourself.


Who doesn't know vscocam? I've been using this app since it was released in play store, I was so excited back then to the point I didn't think twice to buy some of their presets. My favorite is A and C series. I love love love VSCOCAM for their natural presets. It emulated film so the result quite soft, a bit haze and fade, and not so over processed. I recently use E5 but below I use A9 which is another favorite preset in vscocam. Below is the process:

Hope It helps!

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