It was in August. Hubby was invited to an event in pangandaran and he brought us here. We drove about 6 hours. The traffic was good but there's a really bad road for like 15km long that made our journey took a little bit longer. We arrived at night and slept in a small but really comfort local lodge.

We went to the beach in the morning but we didn't swim. Noah was so dread with the sea water. He was totally freak out when I tried to let him down and made him playing with sand and water like other kids but it didn't happen. So, we spent that morning just to stare the sea in a distance, eat some sea food, shopping a bit, and drink coconut water a couple times.

It would be so incomplete if we came here without visiting pasir putih. I love this place for the glowing view. It was magnificent! we came here after husband came from his event. although Noah afraid with sea water but he seems so enjoyed with the boat ride a lot!

Pasir putih is a good place to take pictures. The white sand make your picture clean and glowing. I took a lot pictures here but mostly another else picture. monkey, trees, sea, boat, people, and friends.

I actually made a serious effort to make a jump pose picture but it failed. I look super weird and awkward. Frustrated, I took the camera and asked husband and my niece to pose for me. They look crazy cute!

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