This origami things just made my child memories back into my mind so it felts so nostalgic for me while working on it. My mom and dad used to made me a ship and a plane from paper as a toy and I love it! I even still remember the steps how to make it. at that time I still didn't knew that this kind of thing called Origami, hihi.

I always have origami paper on my book rack for writing short notes but never really tried to make things from it. So last week, The idea came and I found some cute and great inspiration from pinterest. and this origami dress is one of many cool origami that I found really great.

Soo cute and great for cards. 
image via pinterest from unknown source.

if you don't have a cute patterned origami paper, use gift paper and cut them into square. 
Image via modcloth


I didn't take picture when I made my origami dress version but I found that this tutorial is so easy to understand. here's the picture I take from the site,
image n tutorial by homemade gift made easy

My Origami dress isn't quite different. I mixed the paper with fabric as a skirt and glue them with fox wood glue (a seriously good damn glue).

And here's the un-finished result, hehe.

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