Since I have a cat, I started to cleaning up my store room for my cat house. I spent 4 days to cleaning up the mess but don't have the gut to throw away those useful cardborard. instead, I cut them in pieces and save them for my DIY projects. So prepare yourself for a lot DIY tutorial made from cardboard, hehe.

Well, Let's go to the process:

1. Draw your camera & make a pattern from there. mine is quite simple and easy. Size for this toy is 15cm x 10 cm x 2cm. perfect for my size but a bit bigger for Noah arms.

2. after you draw your pattern, cut it with cutter or x-acto knife. don't forget to make a hole on both side of cardboard for your string/camera strap. [ this picture was taken before i made holes.]

3. Paint it. (i forgot to take picture when i'm painting the cardboard, hehe. my bad...) btw, I use acrylic paint and have no complain about that.

4 & 5. tie a knot and start to glue.

6. I use double sided tape but glue is also fine.


you have new toy for you and your kiddo!

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