whoaaa, to be honest this is the most time consuming DIY that I have ever try. I spent nearly 5 hours to make this clutch but it's so worthed. This Idea came across my head when I'm browsing it through intructables. This tutorial is so inspiring. She used an old book cover for her clutch but since I use cardboard so I had to make it from the very basic thing, which is 'Pattern'.

So here we go....


1. Cardboard /corkboard
2. all puspose glue / hot glue. I use fox wood glue and it turned out so neat.
3. scissor & ruler
4. ribbon and button
5. fabric
6. paper (for creating sides)
7. cutter / x-acto knife


I hope this picture is understandble. Cut the cardboard into two pieces in the same size. One cardboard you cut it into 3 pieces, and the second one you just need to flip it out so it look like a book cover.

Tips: Use the back of your cutter/scissor to make the line so u can easily flip it without ruining the cardboard.


1. Place fabric under the cardboard and cut it to the appropriate size.
2. glue each part of cardboard with fabric one by one.
3. cut the fabric in every corner of the cardboard so later the fabric wont pile up. (the pile up fabric will make it hard to glue)

4. With a thick needle and a thread, place the button on the front side and sew it. also, don't forget to glue a ribbon on the backside.
5. this is the tricky part. I use HVS paper which I covered with fabric and glue them before I place the cardboard for the base of this clutch.
6. keep gluing everything neatly until it looks like this...

This is the inside,

and this is the outside.

I actually can stop until this last step, but because i wanted to add more 'something' to the clutch so I cut my damaged CD and made a mozaik mirrors in the front side of the clutch.

ain't it pretty?

Now I have a nice clutch to bring whenever I want.

I Hope this tutorial is helpful and you like it, and Happy DIY-ing!


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