Let's talk about skin care. I started to take care of my skin since I was about 18 or 19 ( I forgot) for a funny reason, because it looks girly. So in the beginning I started to put moisturizer in the morning + powder. I still remember I used nivea ( the round blue packaging, hehe ) which a bit oily for me, and viva loose powder. I didn't use it everyday because mostly of the time, I forgot to put them on my face.

When I was in college, I started to wear heavier powder, eyeliner, and blush on, and that was the main reason why I got my first acne. I used makeup but never cleaned it well. From that time, I started to take care of my skin to avoid acne.

On this post, I'm dividing my routine into 3 parts:
1. my morning skin care routine,
2. my evening skin care routine,
3. weekly treatments.

let's talk about my skin first. I have a combination skin, normal in most part of my skin but oily in the T zone. although acne isn't my main concern but after a lesson I got last year, I started adding acne treatment into my daily skin care. I have light skin (yellow undertone) and so prone to dark spots/ sun spots, and I have thin freckles on both side of my cheeks. My Goal for this routine is to get a healthy glowing skin. (who doesn't want that?)


After I woke up in the morning and tooth brushing, I wash my face with dove white beauty bar to cleans my face from the night cream I used before bed. I love this soap because it's so light and don't make my skin feel tight and dry. Read the review here for you who are curious.

products I use:
1. menthalotum melano CC intensive anti-spot essence
2. wardah sunscreen gel spf 30
3. etude house precious mineral any cushion
4. acne perfecting moisturizer gel

If I spent my day at home, I only use melano cc essence (a really great product to get rid acne marks fast) and wardah acne perfecting moisturizer gel (without sunscreen) on top of it. I know the sun is still entering the house through the window but i think the spf 18 from this moisturizer is enough to protect my skin inside of my house. but when I go outside, I use all the product above.

My steps after cleansing:
-ice block
-menthalotum melano CC intensive anti-spot essence
-wardah acne perfecting moisturizer gel
-wardah sunscreen gel
*wait 15 minutes*
-etude house precious mineral any cushion
-make up ( no powder )
... and I'm ready to go.

I stopped wearing powder since a long time ago because the BB cream is enough for me. Btw, I chose etude cushion over missha because it has a really nice coverage and make my skin glowing. LOVE.

Cleansing & Night cream

Cleansing is the most important part of my skin care. I used to have bad acne because I never cleans my face before I hit the bed so that's why I've made a cleansing routine as a must remedy.

these are the Products I use:
1. wardah lightening milk cleanser
2. Wardah pore tightening toner
3. Dove beauty bar

I always DOUBLE CLEANSING-in my face every night! yes, double is seems too many for some people, but since I've been doing it for so long so it become my habit. first, I cleanse my face with milk cleanser, then washing it again with dove, toner, and last (my favorite) put night cream on my face.

I love this night moisturizer, I even made a review here.

Scrubbing & Masking

I love natural treatment for scrubbing and masking. I usually use sugar+honey for scrubbing / exfoliation, and oatmeal as a mask. Sometimes I also use white egg, papaya, and avocado, depending of my skin problem. I'll talk about this in different post.

below are the products I use when I feel lazy to put my natural treatment.

Products above:
1. Innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay mask.
2. Mustika ratu mundisari peeling.
3.Mustika ratu bengkoang mask.


I think having a great skin need a really hard work. If you still haven't find a right product for your skin, start to know your skin type first then knowing what kind of skin problem you wanted to solve. because those millions skin care product aren't made for one type of skin and problem. for me, my only concern beside acne is dark spot/freckles. I made one huge mistake before for not wearing sunscreen/sunblock. I never protected my skin so that's why my freckles turned darker. After I added sunscreen, my freckles are on the normal state.

I'm so focused into skin care because I'm a believer in minimalist makeup. If I have a natural healthy and glowing skin I don't need to wear make up anyway. but that's me, people are different. how about you?


  1. Thanks for sharing, your skin looks flawless btw! Jadi naksir etude any cushion-nya deh >_<

    1. Ya mmg good bgd etude cushion d aq... suka bgd


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