It's not perfect, I made a few mistake during the process but I thought it was a good idea so I post it here, hehe. I used laminating plastic for A4 paper but I heard there's a laminating plastic for fabric. If you tend to do this tutorial, I suggest you find laminating plastic for fabric because laminating plastic for paper has a really hard finishing.

So let's heading to the process:

1. Place your interfacing fabric with your fabric.
2. start to Iron
3. after your fabric and the interfacing fabric glued together, take your laminating plastic and place your fabric in the middle of it.
4 & 5. With a paper covering the laminating plastic, start iron-ing. remember that your fabric must be neat so it won't look wrinkle after you laminate it.
6. Nah, my fabric look wrinkly after I laminate it because the iron is too heat. I suggest you to set the heat in the medium or low.

After flipped the fabric and made them like a wallet, I used stud to make them stick each other. You can use glue or anything else, this is up to you.


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