The idea of making this bracelet was came out of nowhere when I was working on my first scrapbook. I bought this as a scrapbook cover embelishment but I thought why I didn't make something else with it. A bit messy but it's wearable.

By the way, I'm 90% fit right now, alhamdulillah, the tummy pain is almost gone but I still have to keep my food as healthy as possible. if you follow my instagram, a few weeks ago I posted a picture where my hand was injected. That was when I was in ICU and that wasn't a good experience at all.

So the story began when I was in Bandung, I ate a super spicy meatball as my breakfast, grrr... I didn't feel the pain at that moment, but the day after that I felt that the right side of my tummy was sore everytime I took a deep breath. So I went to the doctor near of my house and he thought that it was stomach disorder. So he gave me three kind of medicine which only made my pain worst. I stopped taking the medicine and the day after that was a nightmare for me. I woke up in the morning with an extremely painful tummy. I couldn't walk and my breath was short. I cried to hubby and mom because I wanted to check my health to the different doctor but I couldn't even walk. I was hopeless and so weak, and I thought I'm about to die.

Hubby, mom, and my house assistant helped me to walk into the car and we went to the different doctor. that day, I entered the doctor's room with hand pressing the right side of my tummy while my other hand holding my hubby's hand. The doctor said "she must go to the hospital right now," when I just sat in front of him. "it's appendix and the only option for her is a surgery,"

So that day I went to the hospital and had everything checked. No surgery needed ( Such a relief!). I spent three days in the hospital with such intensive care. The nurses and the doctor gave me almost 100% of their care and the pain were slowly fading. The doctor there explained that I got abdominal muscle injury. It usually happen to the people who exercise a lot (which I don't) so he thought that it might because I walked full day with high heels when I was In Bandung. I walked from morning to afternoon with 7cm heels (ugh, my bad.).

The point is because I hate hospital (no matter how good they treat us,) I must start to take care of my own health so I won't get back to that scary and boring place. The saddest thing when I was in hospital was Noah. I always cried when I saw his innocent face looked at me and asked me to carry him ( which I couldn't because of my health ).

I Learn how important it is to be healthy. You can do about everything, like making effort to reach your dream, laughing and playing with your kid, friends, and family, walking to the mall, doing your hobbies, etc.

Healthy = Happy

I hope you can take a lesson from my story so you don't have to go through the bad things I had on this story. the lessons I take from this are:
1. Don't take a spicy food as a breakfast. grrrr..........
2. Healthy diet.
3. Don't walk with high heels for more than 4 hours. (seriously, DON'T!)
4. Drink a lot of water ( your skin, you hair, your body, and your mind, will thank you.)

Remember, The Greatest Wealth is Health.


  1. ahhh, happy to hear that you fit already :)

  2. ahhh! i got shocked when read, "...but I couldn't even walk."
    anyway im a spicy food lover and always will be. i dont know how your feel but.... :"(

    happy you happy now!


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