Still feeling unwell so today I'm going to make a beauty post instead. I hope next week I'll be alot better so I'll continue to post my fashion diary.


Before I jump to talk about this non-SPF moisturizer, I have to explain why I decide to used this as my nightly moisturizer. So few months ago, I changed all my skin care line and decided to try something new because I noticed that my freckles were going darker and my old regiment didn't help me about that. So after browsed here and there through internet, I decided to tried AHA product and adding OCM as my natural regiment ( I used EVOO [extra virgin olive oil] ), but it turned out to be a nightmare!

If I think about it again, I just want steal the car on 'back to the future movie' and back to those stupid time and stopped the product soon after I notice that something is going so wrong (i don't belive in 'purgin anymore' unless it's a tretinoin). So After two weeks of using it, hundred of whiteheads were growing on my forehead. I thought it was the 'purging' state so I kept continue until I gave up because those whiteheads turned out to be a huge pimples. I went to a doctor and she gave me a tretinoin product.

I love tretinoin! It cured my acne in such a short time but I hate the side effect though. The peeling skin! And so that's why I chose Olay to solve this problem.

First, I heard somewhere on the internet, that tretinoin layering with moisturizer are such a great combo. Tretinoin has a super drying effect and moisturizer cream to kept your skin moist. I used olay one hour after tretinoin.

Soon after I bought this stuff, I immediately scan the ingredients on my android application called 'skin ingredients' ( you should have it btw). It's said that this moisturizer is a highly comedogenic, which means it'll cause you breakout especially on acne prone skin. I felt a bit scared at first, but I ignored those feeling and used it anyway, *wooop!*

The cream is thick but it absorb so quickly onto your skin. You will find your skin is so smooth, supple, and moisture soon after you using it. the minus of this cream is the fragrance (although I really like the smell) but for some people the smell will be a bit annoying.

After two week of using it, I feel the flaky and peeling skin from tretinoin is reducing a lot. the big bonus is I don't break out!. I'll keep using this cream for anti aging purpose and as a nightly moisturizer.


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