I'm not a makeup addict but I have to admit that I'm a skin care addict. I wear mask twice a week, scrubbing, love to try any kind of sunscreen, moisturizer, bb cream, peeling from natural to chemical, until I broke up quite badly a few months ago because of 'something'.

But let's delay that topic. I write this to tell you that although I'm not a makeup addict but I always have a special feeling on one kind of makeup called "lipstick". Pale nude shades are my-last-year-shades and now I have in crush with a bright pink shade.


It was begin accidentally when I was in store which I usually visit to buy makeup. a girl came to me and asked me to try a blue lipstick called trisia. I frawned when i heard the brand name. "Trisia? legal brand? or it was illegal?" as I'm afraid of those dangerous makeup that sells freely everywhere in our country. When she let me know that the brand is a new local brand (I love local!), then I tried it on my lips and felt instantly in love.

They have totally 27 variant of color but right now I will make comparison with vera james shade since it has a really similar 'pink' color with wardah.


I love wardah skin care line especially their cleanser and moisturizer since it halal and don't clog my pores. I never used their makeup line until last week when I was out of my wardah cleanser, I stood and drool over their lipstick colors. They have a really pretty colors for their lipstick. I chose pink from their matte lipstick line that day but planning to buy more since I like their variant of colors so much.



for color, I love wardah more than trisia. It's more pop and flattering. Trisia is a bit calm but I love how it felt on my lips. so moisturizing and it has uv filter which is good since I'm on treatment which made my skin and lips dry and so sensitive to the sun.


  1. Where we can get Trisia?

  2. Beli lipstick Trisia di mana ya? lucuuuu sekaliiiii warnanya. :D


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