Photoshop curves is a powerful tool for tweaking your image. You can tone the image color, darker or brighten the image, or just gave your picture a hazy or matte look. all those effetc can be done just using curves.

Photoshop curves is an ACV file. to save it, you need to go to your photoshop folder-presets-curves- then paste your acv file there. If the file isn't in photoshop yet, then try to restrart you photoshop, then insyaAllah the file will be on your curves list.

Now, back to my curves presets faves!

I recently loooves photoshop curves by Julia Trotti. I downloaded all of her curves and instantly in love. Her curves are quite simple and filmish. It gave the picture more dramatic effect and little hazy.

tip: for more unique tone and effect, you can combine the curves and playing with the opacity.


I knew photoshop action long before I knew that photoshop curves is exist. I used to hate action because most of them work by washing image to the extreme and they have a really weird tone (like too red, too yellow, etc). Below, are my favorite action which basically easy to costumise back and didn't have many layer to work with but the result are quite nice.

Dreamy light action by Onica from deviantart....

This action is actually work the best in under-exposed image.


Coffeeshop matte color action.

On her blog, she gave tutorial on how to do this kind of action, step by step and you can also download her free action. I love this action as it resembles the look of VSCO.
before matte color
after matte color
Tips for this action: if you don't like with undesaturated image, you can reduce the color in saturation layer. if it's too matte, you can adjust the opacity. Based my exprience, this action work for any kind of image, but look best with under-exposed image.

here's another example,


Photoshop action valencia by MANDY FAITH.

when I found her blog few months ago, I was stumbled over her pictures. It's a rare thing that a picture can really warm your heart. I know it sound silly, but it I felt her pictures has taken me to a dreamland. if you don't know , you can visit her blog.

She also a Julia trotti fans, but she made a few curves and action that has pastel as her basic tone. Sadly, she passed away few months ago because of virus. Her last curve was venetian,


  1. waaaa ternyata kita punya banyak kesamaan, mbak iya! (sok kenal)
    suka blogging, suka fashion, suka photoshop..... dan suka jalan-jalan ke deviantart. :")

    1. Waah senangnyaa sama2 punya hobby yg sama....


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