When I was younger I was a bit mad and hate to be Indonesian because most people here have a dull minded and didn't want to accept anykind of difference. For example, if you walking with a blond hair in the street, people will starightly looking at you and said you're (sorry) a bitch. it's hard to understand but that's what truly happen to our society.

Nowadays, as I grow older, those mind when I was young has drastically changed. I'm glad, proud, and also greatly thankful to be born and grow here, to be a true Indonesian. The funny thing is, the reason why I love to live here is the same reason why I used to hate it.

Living in the religious and cultural country made all thing 'western' become so weird to see. I used to hate it because I was once a girl who love to dye my hair red, wearing hot pants, and mini skirt, but now I'm thinking 'how if that time, those appareance are common, and no one remind me about sin.' I probably won't become like this. Society were helped me a lot to reflect myself and finding my way to get closer to Allah SWT.

Now I see Indonesia has changed a lot. the people, the government, the leader, politic, economy, etc. People are more open-minded now and we have the leader which to be believed will bring a great changes (I hope so). I just hope for the better Indonesia in the future.


Here are some of pictures which I and my brother took yesterday. Happiness overloaded!

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  1. UF!!
    great photos, mbak iya! meletus balon kuning dorr itulo keren banget (?)
    jadi penasaran lensanya apa. mbak iya berbakat! :")

    haha.. kadang, kalo disuruh mikir "apa dosa terbesar kamu terhadap indonesia?"
    yang paling cepet dateng ke otak: "pingin tinggal di luar indonesia with openminded neighbors. and BYE, rude people!" << zahat


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