Mixing the glam gold and the bold cool blue for a party occasion. I actually have a love and hate feeling when it comes to party. love because I usually met old friends and I can eat a lot of delish and unique food (pardon my shameless tummy). hate because I have to be well dressed. It doesn't mean that I hate to dressing up, but I hate to think that the dress have to be well enough. Before I wore hijab, I even hate party and always tried so hard not to came to the invited party because the outfit wasn't the only thing that came to mind, but also hair and makeup. ugh!

You know, the fashion industry released and invented a new thing everyday. from the ridiculous look to super gorgeous. Sometimes it's hard to understand when I see a lady-gaga look become a trend because than kind of fashion I think is a disaster. Sorry Gaga. But the point is, those new styles has made a larger option for some woman, but the negative is, their larger option is sometimes confusing. Every woman want to look good! (obviously!) but the problem arise when those woman started to compete to look better each others.  comparing the price, the brand, which salon did they came for the makeup and hairstyle, etc. Now that's clearly not fun! and so that's why, I love how minimal and simple we are. Those rule to limit our fashion style isn't made for non-reason.

Now my mind isn't that hard thinking about how to look in a party anymore. Simply, because we have long dress! Here I wear gold ruffle dress by Mayesa, combined with my forever favorite knitted cardy. The price? don't ask me. they're so affordable.

invested a nice clutch for a party occations and wearing my blue necklace I bought from kings a few months ago before they had a fire. Sad.


  1. mulusnya wajahnya.............................. :")

    thats why i loooooove to visit this blog. mbak iya tuh fashionblogger (((terutama fashionhijab))) yang paling worthit! tanpa 'berlombalomba' dengan brand famous, mbak iya bisa keren banget!
    kalo ke fashionblogs laen tuh terkadang punya perasaan, "iyalah bagus. brandnya boook dewa."
    loveya. ♥

    1. bnr, Apalagi klo liat fashion blog luar ya, bukan'y menginspirasi tapi malah bikin hati ciut... hihi. Tp ya, kita ma cuek aja, apa adanya. Hedonisme demi fashion toh g bagus juga.

  2. Setuju sama komen sebelumnya, blog yang satu ini emang worth it buat dikunjungi :D. Salam kenal mba, keep sharing ya


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