Maybe I'm one of those stupid person who think that this high and artistic fashion are way too much that deserves to be laugh at. They break those limit just to look ridiculous. A guy wearing skirt? I won't talk to hubby if he wear these kind of 'what they called' fashion.

feel so bad for these 'three musketeers' models. They must be very hard (hard to breath, hard to see,) and felt embarassed inside. But hey, I don't care if I look like an alien or those creatures you see on star wars, because my face is hiding.

"oh wow! this is such a great and easy DIY idea! You just need to put your phone and umbrella above your head and I bet you will get those attentions you wish for a long time ago!" umm... I guess not.

Ugh! there's an animal walking on the catwalk. I hope this is only happen on the show for some kind of joke.

I still remember when Gaga just came out and was known as a fashion disaster, people used to mock her and called her the queen of weirdness. Nowadays, people are starting to follow her style and she become a fashion icon. so don't be suprise when a you see a man wearing skirt in the future because it'll be a trend and common to see.


These kind of fashion is actually an eye-opener for us. Everytime I see how crazy this world has become, I always remember about the sign of the day of judgement based on what I read and learn from hadith. one of those sign is :

Men will begin to look like women and women will begin to look like men.

In korea, beauty salon are not just for women but also men. They use their make up literally on their face like eyeliner, blush, powder, etc, and it's not only for celebrity but also normal people like us. I remember when I saw running man a while back ago (I forget on what episode), I heard Jong ki said to Jae Suk "I didn't even wear make up, hyung!" because that time they began their mission soon after they wokeup from sleep.

Oh my, The end of time is slowly but steadily approaching. Man wearing skirt. man wearing makeup. and soon, maybe man wearing bra. naudzubillah.


  1. I have to say that I agree with you in everything, sometimes they are too much, but I guess they do it to get the attention on the catwalk more than to dress people. But, I do like the first photo, not as an outfit for a man, but I do like the materials that had been used and the color of them :3


    1. Laila... why i never see ur blog post on my dashboard? I though u were 'off from blog or something but here you are... thank u for visiting!

  2. Fashion that are hard to understand.... for me it was more like "eyebrow shapes that are hard to understand" #ngakak. Let's put it like this, some people love being ridiculous, they don't need to be understood. Just a thought.
    p.s. let's hope we are not those who stay alive at the end of the universe. Aamiin.


    1. Maybe it's all about taste darl... aku ga bisa bayangin sih ttg eyebrow shapes yg sulit dimengerti.... hahaha...


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