Natural flawless skin make up


I LOVE MISSHA. I think missha is the best make up product I have ever found in my life! Few years ago, I had such a huge confusion to choose my base makeup product especially for my skin foundation. I love reflon, I still used it till now because it hides the dark spot of my skin perfectly but the sweats is her weakness. So, after searching and asking so many friends, I finally bought this awesome foundation. Missha made your skin flawless when you're sweating. and that's good because in my opinion, the weakness of every foundation i tried was sweat. It always look good in the morn but look ugly at noon.
I bought the natural beige no 23 to look more natural but when I applied to my skin it look greyish. So, I always combine Missha with my reflon color stay foundation.
For eyeshadow I usually go with brown but this time I used natural gold from prestige for fresh and natural look.
this are the make up theory:


  1. kak, itu lipstic nya brand apa ya? bisa beli dimana? cakep bgt warnanya :)

  2. pureglow no.5 dear, di toko2 kecantikan jg ada... klo dbdg aq suka beli di mahmud,

  3. What kind of apps did you use for edit those pictures? It looks pretty! And of course you look stunning. Did you self-capture? (:

  4. I use photoshop. yes, i captured my picture with a tripod...

  5. Keren ih ulasannya aku suka, moga2 cocok di aku deh yaa kak. Soalnya seringnya kan cocok2an gitu kan sama kulit masing2 ?

    Advertisement: mau tau produk lipstik terbaru? Cek Harga Lipstik untuk mengetahuinya. Heheee


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