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Stumbled upon this saying:  

when hijab is treated as a fashion statement or depicted as merely a norm in one's culture. that's when they lose the essence. the modesty.

I hope people who work in the hijab fashion industry will keep the modesty as their forever motto. I saw many people lose their modesty for the sake of fashion. and plus, modesty is not just about how you dress but the way you speak and behave. this is also as a reminder to myself. hijab is not a hair replacement or a fashion parade. true hijab should be syar'i, it shows only modesty. I'm still far away from syar'i but this holy month is the good start to back to the basic outfit. loose dress, loose pants, no tight jeans, no jegging or leggings, and neck totally covered.

and finally lets start with bismillah.


  1. Love the outfit dear!! Very colorful.


  2. you are right, wearing hijab in a fashionable way helps non-muslim people to accept it (I have cam with anon people in the street who stop me to tell me that they like my hijab, that you are wearing it in an elegant way, different) But as you said we don't have to forget the main reason of the hijab, which is pleasing Him, hijab means modesty in every way and we shouldn't forget that.

    Love that top!


  3. Thank you girl for the lovely comment. And laillaaa... i feel sad when i browsed through instagram, i saw many muslimah didnt cover their neck and wear leggings as their pants without covered their bottom. And when people remind them they said rude things. It made me think about myself. i cant blame them. people is different. i used to wear that kind of outfit too, but now everything is different. i dont wanna be like that anymore. just being modest is enough. but i cant leave color and printed though... lol

  4. love ya!
    setuju banget mbak iyaaaaaa....... huah. susah emang. diingetin, niat kita baik, jatohnya malah kita yang salah. huhuhuhu.. :"(


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