how useful the shirt is


I believe you probably agree with me that shirt is one of a must have item for everyone. men and women. not because it is simple as it sound, but because it really useful and you can combine with everything. I often wear it to covered my boring dress and my old mini dress so I can still wear it every time I want rather than hanging there inside the closet, UN-useful, and dusty.

Btw, How's your weekend? I spend my night watching x-factor and don't you think that Fatin is cute? I like her! Let's rooting for her awesome voice!!


  1. yup fatin cute

    love your outfit so much

  2. Never though on wearing a shirt like that! :) Really beautiful outfits! My fav is the 2nd one.


  3. Hi dear :) Love ur post!!
    Please take a look at my hijab fashion blog

  4. inspiring, sist :).
    you should be a great model!


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