OWL t-shirt


Owl and Skull are everywhere nowadays and I feel like what? even Skull are trend?

When I walked at the mall or street, I always found two, three, or even more girls wearing this skull scarf and shirt and its so weirdly looked so cute and good on them. A few years ago, I had a discussion with friends about the dark symbolic things like swastika, the one eyed symbol above the pyramid like on the dollar picture ( dajjal? ), and something else like Skull. If you curious about skull means I think Mr. Google will find it for you.

Fashion sometimes make people blind. Like how those pretty model in fashion show show their nipple behind their transparent gown. Since when nipple became an interesting object to show to the people? Since when nipple became a fashion? same with the questions, since when skull became such a cute things to see? isn't skull more to creepy than being a cutie? since when the creepy things became a trend?

well, this is just my opinion.

btw, here's me wearing what my hubby gave me. OWL t-shirt.


  1. Love the t-shirt, it's actually really beautiful.
    And yes, I agree with you, some fashion statements aren't right, like what are you doing? but well, we just can avoid them.



  2. Mbak, hijabnya kok nggak sama kek yang di video tutor, ya? Tutor dong, Mbak... *towel

  3. Yeah, sometimes I can't understand why on earth people uses scary/pornographic symbols as their statements :( there are still sooo many cute things in the world like owls/candies/little rabbits heheheheh

  4. how did u tie your hijab, lemme know puhleaseeeee


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