Two months passed since the last post, sorry for being a bad blogger. I feel ashamed to myself for claimed myself as a blogger since I rarely post.

So, may be some of you were curious (maybe not) how I've been doing lately? well, there's so many things happened to me, most of them were about the motherhood world thingy. Noah is having a really bad flu right now and i was like seriously panic especially when i saw for the very first time snot on his nose. i could imagine how hard it is to breath with the nose filled with snot. i spent two days to keep stay awake just too see him breath or not. my mother was like "are you serious? he just having a flu, a flu... a flu! normal." well may be i was over worried since it was my first time experience, but having a flu isn't something to be ignored too. i hope he's getting better, SOON.

ok lets stop talking about flu and snot, cause here's what currently happen to me.

I lost 20kg of weight, thanks to breast feeding I guess, hehe. but I also skipped dinner five days a week, and spent my night partied with noodles only at the weekend. I ate a lot of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits!I didn't like vegetables before, but I eat it and it become my favorites!

Although my parents told me that Noah didn't need shoes yet buy I still bought it anyway.

I still haven't found new wallet for hubby. He asked me to buy it for him but I'm still in silence. does anyone know some site who sells good quality of wallet for guy?

organizing my home office. a bottle as a flower vase, and i made those boxes from cardboard.

I have new capability to make a rice porridge.Yay! hihi...

Obsessed with this drama. yoochun and Yoon eun Hye look great each other. and not to forget how surprising it is to see how mature Yoo seung ho performance on this movie. He had a mental illness on this story but his act was superb! i'm currently watching this drama for the third times!

I changed my blackberry to android and since then I lost communication with some of my friends.

and lastly, the most important thing of this post.... Noah will turned 6 months old tomorrow! A half year! a few months ago he drools like crazy but this week i found no drool falls from his mouth. i began to gave him solid food last week and he always look excited every time he see me holding spoon. 

happy 6 months old my dear boy....


  1. Veeeery cute outfit.
    Insha'Allah your little kiddo will get better soon.

    XO Arezu

  2. Looks like you've been up to lots of things! Love your hijab style - it looks really fresh.

  3. We love what you've done with your work space!

    the ALLAROUNDEVE team

  4. would u make tutorial video of this hijab?please....

  5. Mashallah so cute baby :)


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