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I recently forgot about myself like everything in my life is only for Noah. 24 hours with him without baby sitting is enough to make me feel like become a new good person. I even forgot about my past, hehe, amnesia? 

Noah is in his 3 month this month and he turned become a noise maker maniac and a biter. I mean like seriously he bite anything that he could find and hold. he often bite his fingers which people told me that was a bad habit that I should avoid but I ignored it, he bite my hand when we were holding hands each other, he bite fabric, plastic, and toys. this is so fun to watch. like seriously I have that cute baby who smiled more often to me and cooing like "adkaklakdlalklksds" and yesterday I heard he said "Mamma" while he made a lot of weird coo. I keep telling hubby that he was said Mamma but he refused to admit it. "Imposibble! he will said DADA first," that was what he said. 


  1. I think my blog unfollowed without my permission. I haven't read your blog in ages and bam, you appeared on my dash today and I saw this post: OMG you had a baby! And he's SO adorable, Mansh'Allah. This is late but congratulations on your baby :D

  2. hai noah looks so cute... may, i kiss him? ( ^)3

  3. Dear lovely, this Award for you,..

    Mudahan berkenan ya, makasi
    :* smooch!


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