The Tutorial


Well, as you know, this is my first video... so many lacking, i know... hehe. So, I basically followed Hana Tajima style but with different hijab. I used square hijab, but sometimes I also used pahsmina, depending on my mood.

Thank you so much for the feedback and sweet emails from you. it means a lot for me.

(Note: Feel free to push the mute button if you are not into music)


  1. Salams! Thank you for the tutorial it was very helpful! However what is the headpiece that you wore under the scarf that covers the head and neck? Haven't seen anything like that in Canada. Is there a website that sells that?

  2. it called ninja inner. I never buy hijab or hijab inner via website before but I think every website sells that kind of inner... hope it help sis, salam~

  3. AMAZING sis, will defo try that one. I saw it on Hana Tajima before, but loved it on u even more mashaallah.

    Regarding the inner cap, I'm also desperately in search of those.. want them in all colours, but cannot find them here in Germany..

    Keep it up sis..

  4. subhanallah, mirip sama hanatajima deh tetehhh cantikkk :)

  5. sis nice i thought it seems like hana s style but u used square ..why i never thought ha ??hehe just joking ..i want to try..thanks for the new idea

  6. like style hijab nie..u pon sweet :D


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