A little conversation with my friend yesterday,


"it doesn't mean my faith in islam is low if I don't wear hijab. maybe not yet. I'm not ready. I still have a lot things to do in the future."
"future is not you to decide, future is Allah wills. but you know what? I understand, you just not brave enough,"
"I'm brave, it is just like... well, I don't want to lose my job. I need it."
"I understand, you brave but still needs a guts"
"I have guts, you know me well, right? but i don't want to lose my job,"
"o o o... I see... U're afraid,"
"oh, you're so annoying.... oke. i'm afraid, maybe a bit? hahaha"

I think no one would ever thought that I would married this year. I have no boyfriend, I didn't even try to get close with a single guy, and I nearly spent my days just stayed at home and didn't tried get out to know new people. i'm such a homie girl, and my mom hated it because I would really hard to have a husband if I were like that everyday. But you know? I'm so blessed. 

Future is not you to decide. Future is Allah wills.

Some of my friend always said the same sentence when it comes to hijab "I'll definitely wear hijab someday, 'BUT' after I get married,".  They think the guys will run from them after they see the veil on their head. They feel that veiled women are less attractive. I don't know about that, but the guy who fear your hijab is definitely not for you. You deserve better. Allah know that, and He already choose the right person for you. So, be patient.

I always and still believe that I'm walking on the right path and I must stick with it. Allah is always with me. No matter how hard your worldly life is pushing you, like to lose your job, your friends leaving you one by one, your lifestyle have a massive changes and you feel suffer because of that. Your life is in Allah hands and He loves His servants who try to get close with Him. And when He loves you, nothing is impossible.


  1. so thoughtful of you, kak Yulia.. :)

    love ur style n ur blog! following you already, n put ur link under "hijabis bloggers" on my blog,, follow me back if u like mine, sist.. :p

    salaam from Jogja,

  2. salam kak yulia :)
    you're sooo cuteeee...
    how lovely...

  3. Salam..yeah ur right..Allah decide what will happen..and we just need to ikhtiar..
    Love ur outfit sis..^^

    Lets know each other...


  4. You're so right, I like a lot your post, and Congratulations between :)

    I like the top, really awesome!


  5. awww
    this post makes me smile and i bookmarked this link! :)

  6. Beautiful masyallah!!
    I love electric blue on you!

  7. yulia...it's so beautiful post :)

    i following you already, n put ur link in my blog :)


  8. ASA WR WB dear Sister. Alhumdhulillah for this post. Discovered u during HFW. Thought u had an interesting quirky style yet still managed to comply with hijab - different! :) But now will definitely follow ur blog after this post. U reminded me the importance of not making assumptions based on appearances (I'm referring to what went through my mind when I saw your outfits, it was nothing negative but I wouldn't have thought I'd come across a post like this - I'd assumed your blog just had pics of u in funky fashion outfits but no further Islamic thoughts/opinions) So I got reminded by u that there are millions of Muslimahs around this world who wear different styles of hijab yet we are all trying to stay on the right path. Also everybody have their burdens that they must bear on this earth so I hope Inshallah that ur friend becomes less afraid of what people would say if she wear to start wearing hijab. Congrats on being a newly wed :D

  9. agree with u Yulia. It's our protection, and our right to wear the hijab.Do it because you fear the wrath of Allah

  10. "Your life is in Allah hands and He loves His servants who try to get close with Him. And when He loves you, nothing is impossible."

    I love that qoute. I agree with you on everything you said. If a guy runs away from you because you're doing what's right, then he is definitely not for you... I think women with hijab are very attractive. not those who depend on exposed skin and hair. If a guy thinks otherwise, you wouldnt want that kind of person with you... Allah is first. The World, second.

  11. assalamualaikum, blogwalking today and I found ur nice blog ;)
    after read this post I remember with my aunty who doesn't wear hijab, she told me that she afraid to loose her job if she wear hijab,
    thanks to you that I have a nice quote that I can say to her:
    "Future is not you to decide. Future is Allah wills."
    I agree with every word you say. ^o^

    I am new blogger, nice too find ur blog, following u already..


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